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Episode 22: The Palestinian Issue. Should I Care? An Interview with Maha Zeidan

On October 7, 2024, Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip killed at least 1,139 Israelis and injured many more (Aljazeera News, 2024). Hamas also took more than 250 from Israel to the Gaza Strip, including older people, women, children, and men. According to the Washington Post (2024), 84 hostages are believed to be still alive and in captivity. Since the attack this past October, 112 hostages have been freed. 

In retaliation, the Israeli army killed at least 36,439, including women and more than 15,000 children. More than 10,000 are still missing (Aljazeera, News, 2024). Much of the population of Gaza has been displaced and the people there are facing a man-made famine.  

Israel’s defense minister has said publicly that they will stamp out all signs of life of Hamas and look for an alternative local governing body for Gaza instead of Hamas.  

Many Americans (maybe even you), think like this: These problems between Israel and other countries around it have been going on for a very long time. I really do not understand these issues. Therefore, if it is not affecting me and it is not in my backyard, I really do not pay attention much to what happens. 

Should Americans care?  Listen first and then form your opinion. 

Resources for this podcast

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3) Article to Read: AP News. Updated May 23, 2024.

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