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Their work was exemplary. He and his team also created and directed two videos for us and created two online courses for us. Dr. Jordan and his team were friendly, positive, thorough, knowledgeable, and detailed… I have the utmost confidence in him and highly recommend he and his team to you without reservation.

Darlene White

Program Manager, Ohio Means Jobs

Over a period of more than 20 years, [Dr. Jordan] and his wife invited many international students like me to their home for dinners and holiday celebrations with their family. Dr. Jordan’s depth of character reveals itself in his love for humanity. He and his wife are always helping others in need. This is simply who they are. Dr. Jordan’s caring and compassionate actions over many years reveal his true character. It is an honor and privilege to call Dr. Jordan a colleague and a friend.

Dr. Grace Lartey

Professor and Program Coordinator, Public Health, Western Kentucky University

Dr. Tim and his wife Pam are good, kind, helping friends of our family. Dr. Jordan is compassionate, caring, helpful, welcoming, well-mannered, intellectual and diligent. The Jordan’s have supported us mentally, emotionally, and financially. When I interact with him, I reminisce about my Professors in Afghanistan. But few of them had a perfect, accepting character as Dr. Tim. I respect him and he is always there when we need him. I strongly support Dr. Tim and his work.

Sodaba Rahmaty

Recent refugee from Kabul Afghanistan

The highlight of the evaluation project was when Dr. Jordan and his team designed an original, valid, and reliable survey instrument and mailed it to every one of our patients. The results of this survey yielded extremely valuable information about our clients. After their presentation of the results to our Board of Directors, one of our long-term board members (since retired) said publicly that “their presentation was one of the finest he had ever seen!” Dr. Jordan is indeed an excellent public speaker… Their knowledge, skills, and experience were assets to KFNWO. He and his team know their business well and are trustworthy and reliable. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jordan and the 1795 Group.

Dr. Steve Martin

Dean of the Raabe College of Pharmacy, Ohio Northern University & KFNWO Board Member