Earning a Peer-Reviewed Presentation or Publication Helps You

by | July 1, 2022

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This post describes how earning a peer-reviewed presentation and/or publication helps you from a business perspective.

The True Test of Quality 

The trust test of the quality of your results are whether they are strong enough to make expert reviewers happy. The expert reviewers determine whether you will have the opportunity to present or publish. As you can see above, the peer-review process is very comprehensive. It is difficult to earn a peer-reviewed award. Only consultants that “do it right” can meet the requirements of peer-review. As you can see from our results, we know how to meet these criteria. When you partner with the 1795 Group, you receive our expertise in presenting and publishing. 

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Earning a Peer-Reviewed Presentation and/or Publication Helps You 

The 1795 Group believes in disseminating our clients’ results via the peer-review process for four reasons: 1) Earning such awards distinguishes our clients as entities of excellence, 2) Earning such awards gives our clients advantages in winning future grants because they can tout their past accomplishments in the peer-reviewed world, 3) Such awards help our clients obtain needed internal funding from their host organization, 4) Such awards help us to generate positive, local media attention and media appearances for you.   

Are You Known as an Entity of Excellence? 

It is important for any organization to become well known, locally, regionally, and nationally as an entity of excellence! Becoming known for being excellent helps to distinguish you from others and helps your organization to stand out and be remembered. 

However, becoming known for your excellence requires outcomes data that clearly shows that your program, service, or policy works compared to similar patients or program participants who did not participate in your program, service, or policy. 

If you are not well known, it may be because you have not won many peer-reviewed presentations or publications. When you partner with the 1795 Group, we show you how to do it “right” so that you can reap the benefits of peer-reviewed process.

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Dr. Tim Jordan

Dr. Timothy R. Jordan has been a health educator (grades 6-12), Assistant High School Principal, Associate Director of Graduate Medical Education for a large health care system, and a Professor of Public Health for the past 23 years. His areas of research include end-of-life, reducing racial/ethnic health disparities, health behavior change, chronic disease prevention, and smoking prevention and cessation. He is the founder and the current director of the 1795 Group.

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