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Episode 10: The Impact of Mis/Disinformation: An Interview with Yotam Ophir, Ph.D

Have you noticed the presence widespread mis/disinformation since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially on social media? Have you noticed how mis/disinformation (and conspiracy theories) are used by certain people to motivate acts of hate and violence toward our government, towards Black and Brown people, Jews, and other racial and ethnic minorities?  

In this episode, Tim Jordan (host), interviews Dr. Yotam Ophir, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication from the University at Buffalo, New York. Dr. Ophir is originally from Israel. Therefore, his perspectives on U.S. society are “fresh” and unbiased. Listen to the fascinating and far-ranging interview.    

Resources for this podcast:

  • Dr. Ophir’s Co-Authored Book: “Democracy amid Crises: Polarization, Pandemic, Protests, & Persuasion.” on Amazon. 
  • Research Studies on Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories:
  • Radio Show Podcast on Proclaim FM 102.3. “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Rumors, Myths, Wives’ Tales, and Conspiracy Theories.” Watch on You Tube:  Especially watch from 17:59 to 21:54 to learn about the “Five W’s” of how to evaluate information that you encounter. 
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This episode of Grass Roots Health was sponsored by the 1795 Group: www.1795group.comProduced by Tim Jordan. Dr. Ophir was booked by Afrodite Georgakopoulos. Research was done by Alexandria Williamson. Audio editing and mastering was done by Christopher Stoll of Audio Flare Recording, Toledo, OH:

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