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Episode 5: Death 20 Years Later – Do Grief and Mourning Change Over Time? An Interview with Jeff and Deb Banks

In this episode of Grass Roots Health, host Tim Jordan interviews Jeff and Deb Banks about the tragic, sudden, and unexpected death of their son, Jason in 2002. Their son had just graduated from high school and was on a spring break-type trip to Myrtle Beach, SC along with 35 of his high school classmates. Then disaster struck and the lives of Jeff and Deb Banks were turned upside down. Would it be this way forever?

Since Jason’s death occurred more than 20 years ago, host Tim Jordan wanted to know if grief and mourning had changed over time for Jeff and Deb. How had things stayed the same in 20 years? How had things changed in 20 years? Do the bereft change over time? What advice did Jeff and Deb give to those who may be victims of loss? Listen to this episode to find out.

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Jordan, T.R., Wotring, A.J., McAfee, C.A. et al. (2021). The COVID-19 pandemic has changed dying and grief: Will there be a surge of complicated grief? Death Studies, 84-90;

Help for Complicated Grief – The Columbia University Center.

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