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Episode 9: How Social Media Has Changed Us – An Interview with Dr. Jeff Blevins

In episode # 9, Tim Jordan (host), interviews Dr. Jeffrey Layne Blevins, Professor, Department of Journalism and School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Have you ever wondered by scamming seems to be on the increase? Or why anti-Semitism is now higher than it ever has been at any time since the Anti-Defamation League started recording such incidents in the 1970’s? Or the role of social media played in the January 6 insurrection at the Capital Building in Washington, DC? Or why hate groups or White Supremacy groups seem to be targeting former members of the U.S. military?

Listen to the fascinating interview as our host explores these questions and more with Dr. Jeffrey Blevins. The topic of this episode is: “How Social Media Has Changed Us.”  

Since this episode is streamed worldwide prior to Mother’s Day in the United States (May 14, 2023), host Tim Jordan also includes a very funny tribute to his mother. You may have even been on the receiving end of some of these same sayings yourself! Listen as Tim gives this humorous tribute to his mom.

Resources for this podcast:

  • Book by Dr. Blevins: “Social Media, Social Justice, and the Political Economy of Online Networks.” (2022). Available on Amazon at:

Especially watch from 17:59 to 21:54 to learn about the “Five W’s” of how to evaluate information that you encounter. 

  • Article: “Social Media Platforms and the Lessons of January 6.” Forbes Magazine. August 1, 2022.

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It was produced by Tim Jordan. Dr. Blevins was booked by Afrodite Georgakopoulos. Research was done by Alexandria Williamson. Music by License code: HQ9KQCNB50MTMH23.  Audio editing and mastering was done by Christopher Stoll of Audio Flare Recording, Toledo, OH:

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