Caring for the Dying: A Workshop Review


Synopsis: It is very difficult to watch a loved one or patient with a life-limiting illness die. The dying process is even more challenging when you notice that your person/patient has stopped eating and drinking. Caring adequately for the dying involves being death accepting and normalizing the natural death process. Read this resource guide to better understand how to do that.

Learning Objectives: After reading and learning from this resource guide, you will be able to:

  1. Describe how dying is now slow motion
  2. Explain why many Americans do not accept the natural dying process
  3. List and describe the three primary barriers to accepting natural dying
  4. Explain why dying people have less need for food and drink
  5. Describe the negative effects of forcing the dying to eat and drink
  6. Describe how to care for the dying by providing other types of nourishment
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