Grants 101: Evaluating My Organization’s Grant Readiness


Synopsis: Grant awards have become an important source of funding, especially for non-profits, for voluntary, and government health agencies. However, not all agencies or organizations are ready to apply for or to receive a grant award. It is important to evaluate each grant writing opportunity and your organization’s readiness to pursue grant funding. How does an organization do that?

Learning Objectives: After reading and learning from this resource guide, you will be able to:

  1. List and describe the things that grant reviewers look for to evaluate an organization’s readiness to receive a grant award.
  2. List and describe the five questions that help organizations evaluate a grant writing opportunity.
  3. List and describe the seven questions that help organizations assess their own readiness to pursue grant funding.
  4. Describe the grantsmanship skills needed by every organization that wants grant money.
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